safety is more
than a checkbox.

We’ll work with you to transition safety
from a checklist to culture.

Safety processes that go beyond expectations.

Safety, compliance, and risk management are all essential to the success of your organization.

We offer a wide range of services designed to take the pressure off safety management by developing and implementing custom material. From a hazard analysis, to new safe work procedures, to a complete safety management system, all material is designed with your needs in mind.

We specialize in helping companies with their COR audit preparation and certified external auditing, facilitation, Instructional design and training, professional forester services, Community Wildfire Protection Plans, wildland interface fuel management prescriptions, project management, woodlot management and more.

Who We Are

DCS Safety Consulting has been committed to industry safety for more than a decade. With certification and extensive experience, Principal Dean Sinclair and his team have been predominantly involved in individual safety audits for some of the largest construction, forestry, industrial, and manufacturing businesses in British Columbia.

Fully Committed

We believe in getting out ahead of the risk and embedding safety into your corporate DNA, establishing it as a value that is lived and breathed company-wide. From management to reception and everyone in between, the responsibility of safety falls to everyone.

Continuous Support

We want to educate everyone with the tools to be proactive about hazards, risks, and above all to prevent tragedy. We will continue working with you and your employees to adjust to new risks as necessary. It’s about finding solutions to problems before they impact lives and the bottom line.

Who We Work With

We have a long history of working with municipalities, large corporations, small businesses, and everything in between. We’ve helped cities increase their safety standards for their workforce, helped keep large construction sites safe from hazards, and helped various forestry companies with our extensive professional forester services.

“Dean was extremely professional and knowledgeable in all of his dealings. He critically analyzed the City’s current safety program and gave us a number of tangible recommendations to assist us in working towards a Certificate of Recognition. His report to the City was very well researched and prepared and it provided important information to allow us to establish internal goals and benchmarks.”

Donna Shultz

“Dean is an excellent auditor. We have worked with him twice now, and hope to again! He conducted all parts of our audits professionally, knowledgeably, and in a timely manner. He conducted all interviews, inspections, and reviews with a level-headed approach and all his comments and recommendations were expressed clearly with reasonable outcomes. He is very personable and professional, ideal for meeting constructively with all levels of any organization.”

Charlier Helmer
Safety / QA

“Dean answered the call when we were searching for a safety auditor for our road maintenance and construction company five years ago. Since then he has completed our annual safety audit and provided relevant and constructive feedback, as his knowledge of the road maintenance industry is extensive. Not only does he make our audit process seamless, but we have good discussions and his input and willingness to answer questions not only during the audit but throughout the year is greatly appreciated.”

Gail Radley

“It is my pleasure to write a testimonial for my colleague Dean Sinclar. Honestly, it is not easy to find words and describe his passion for safety, his knowledge and the level of professionalism he delivers. Our communications are related to the professional level, and Dean is always available for discussion and happy to share safety knowledge. He is a real safety champion. I would highly recommend his safety consulting service to his current and future clients.”

Dario Dzinic

“I have engaged Deans services as an external COR auditor 3 times, for 2 different companies and he will continue to be my go-to person for health and safety services. Dean is organized. Extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. We received our audit results in a timely manner, with practical recommendations that were easy to implement for our organization. I highly recommend Dean to anyone looking for an auditor or other health and safety services.”

Ray Henderson
EHS Manager

“The information that we got back from our audit was extremely helpful and has helped us grow our safety program immensely, strengthening B&C Trucking Inc. and helping us continue on with other audits we have had thrown away. We would definitely recommend DCS Safety Consulting to perform an audit for your company. They are fair, act with integrity, and extremely knowledgeable.”

Blair Sutton

How We Will Work With You

The best way to manage safety is to prevent accidents from happening in the first place. We can help you create an action plan for implementing new or improved safety practices in your workplace or community. Our consultants will work with your team to develop strategies for avoiding injury on site by identifying potential hazards before they occur and developing procedures to mitigate those risks. You’ll receive written recommendations for improving existing policies as well as recommendations for new policies based on our findings during our review of your current practices.

If you are looking for a safety manager but don’t have the time or resources to dedicate to it yourself, we provide “safety manager for hire” services too. We will ensure your system is up to date and functioning effectively so that you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Our Process

Our process at DCS Safety Consulting is a four-step process that begins with consultation, followed by planning, conception, and implementation.


We begin with a meeting, a cup of coffee, or a zoom call, and learn all about you and what you do. Then we walk through and assess the safety needs of your company. This includes identifying hazards and evaluating existing procedures to gauge their effectiveness. We’ll discuss your goals, budget, and timeline and get busy.


Once we understand what you are trying to achieve, we will develop a plan to make it happen. This plan might include new equipment or gear, training for employees, or any number of other factors depending on what is required for your goals.


This is where we develop a detailed proposal for how our solutions will work based on our research and analysis from previous phases, and how we will implement the changes necessary to reach the finish line.


Our team will work with you to ensure that everything goes smoothly once we implement our solutions. We will work with you to provide training to your staff where necessary, and how to enforce the safety plan that will ensure everyone’s safety at work.