We offer a wide variety of professional services:

Safety Consulting:

  • We can take the pressure off safety management by developing and implementing custom material. From a hazard analysis, to new safe work procedures, to a complete safety management system, all material is designed with your needs in mind.
  • We offer “Safety Manager For Hire” services to free up your time to carry on other aspects of your business.  We will ensure your system is up to date and functioning effectively.

COR Certified External Auditor Services

  • We have completed COR audits on over 330 large and small companies and provide certified external auditor services for:
            • BC Forest Safety Council
            • BC Municipal Safety Association
            • BC Construction Safety Alliance
            • Trucking Safety Council of BC
            • Enform

COR Audit Preparation

  • Achieving COR certification sends a strong signal you have committed to safety within your organization.  COR has many long term benefits such as reduced injury rates, a stronger safety culture, increased profitability, and 10 15% annual incentive payment  from WorkSafeBC.

We can help you prepare for the COR process by doing a gap analysis and identifying opportunities for improvement to help ensure you pass the audit.  We will coach you through the entire process, from registering to finding and auditor and implementing recommendations.


  • Can’t see the forest for the trees?  Our skilled facilitator will help maximize efficiency, provide focus and help develop clear action plans at strategic planning sessions and meetings.

Instructional Design

  • We develop custom training programs and educational material.  We can work with your subject matter experts or develop the material independently.

Communications and Training

  • Improve your staff written communication skills and company image with professional communications training sessions.

Or, let us handle all your communication needs.

Professional Forester Services

  • We specialize in woodlot management services including cutting permits, woodlot license plans, site plans, RESULTS and other services required by woodlots.
  • We offer extensive forest engineering experience and can layout, design and supervise the construction of forest infrastructure including roads, bridges and culverts.
  • Road inspections
  • Field supervision and quality control of all phases including layout, construction, harvesting and silvicultural activities.