DCS Safety Consulting helps leaders in a variety of industries create a culture of safety.

Industrial Safety

Working with machinery and chemicals is innately a dangerous activity.

Every year, thousands of people are injured in the workplace by machines that do not have proper safety features installed or used properly, or experience chemical burns and illness.

The Federal Government has a set of regulations called CCOHS (Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety) that require employers to provide training for employees on how to safely operate and use potentially dangerous equipment, how to handle and dispose of dangerous chemicals, how to transport dangerous goods, and more.

Serious injuries are common in industrial settings, and it’s important to be prepared. If you’re a company that manufactures products, handles dangerous chemicals, or uses machinery, you need to ensure your employees are working in an environment that is safe. Having a tailored Industrial Safety plan will teach you more than how to identify potential hazards and how they can be prevented or mitigated so no one gets hurt on the job.

Municipal Safety

Municipal safety training is an important part of keeping your municipality running smoothly and safely.

A safe workplace consultation to develop a Safety Plan is a valuable resource for any city.

A municipal Safety Plan with DCS Safety Consulting is a tailored, on-site review of the city’s current workplace policies and procedures. It can be used to evaluate the workplace inside municipal buildings, and outside in your community, for safety hazards, identify areas of improvement, and develop an action plan for making improvements.

Our consultants will look at all aspects of your municipality and make recommendations for how to improve safety overall. They’ll also provide recommendations for other areas where safety may need improvement, such as personal protective equipment or emergency procedures.

Construction Safety

A safe workplace is not only a legal requirement, but also an essential part of any job site.

We believe that a construction site is only as safe as its workers. Having a safety plan and providing your workers proper training on how to handle any situation that comes their way is a key factor in avoiding accidents.

DCS Safety Consulting will help you exceed your legal obligations for a safe workplace, reduce your risk and liability, and ensure that your staff are trained to work safely on site.

Our consultants will visit your site to assess the current situation and offer expert advice on how to improve it. We’ll look at all of the tasks your employees are doing, talk with them about what makes them feel comfortable or uncomfortable on the job, and then make recommendations for changes that will improve safety while still allowing them to perform their jobs effectively.