Safety Transformation

We take workplace safety seriously.

So what is “Safety DNA”?

Safety DNA is a way to embed workplace safety in your business, helping you keep your people safe and creating a culture of safety throughout your entire business.

We know that when you think about it, it’s really not all that complicated: making employees feel safe is just good business. It makes your employees more productive and engaged, which means you’ll get better work out of them—and the whole team will be happier and more motivated at the end of the day.

So how do you make it happen? How do you embed workplace safety into your business, so that it’s not just something that happens once in a while? Well it starts with having the right plan, and tools at your disposal to do so.

We know there are lots of options out there for workplace safety systems—and that’s why we build ours with you, from scratch, so it’s custom tailored to your business. That way it integrates seamlessly with your existing systems and processes so that the changes we make are easy to understand and adapt to.

Case Studies

EllisDon Facilities Services – Royal Inland Hospital Kamloops

In 2018 EllisDon Infrastructure Healthcare was named the preferred proponent for a 6 year, $417M expansion and renovation of Royal Inland Hospital (RIH) in Kamloops, BC. At the same time, EllisDon Facilities Service Inc, was awarded a 30 year maintenance contract for RIH.

Gitxaala Environmental Services OHS Program Development

As a brand new company, Gitxaala had no occupational health and safety program in place and a program was required.

Emil Anderson – COR gap analysis and WIVA preparation

The Emil Anderson group (EAG) is a well-known, long-established group of companies providing heavy construction services in the transportation and industrial infrastructure sectors.

Our Process

Our process at DCS Safety Consulting is a four-step process that begins with consultation, followed by planning, conception, and implementation.


We begin with a meeting, a cup of coffee, or a zoom call, and learn all about you and what you do. Then we walk through and assess the safety needs of your company. This includes identifying hazards and evaluating existing procedures to gauge their effectiveness. We’ll discuss your goals, budget, and timeline and get busy.


Once we understand what you are trying to achieve, we will develop a plan to make it happen. This plan might include new equipment or gear, training for employees, or any number of other factors depending on what is required for your goals.


This is where we develop a detailed proposal for how our solutions will work based on our research and analysis from previous phases, and how we will implement the changes necessary to reach the finish line.


Our team will work with you to ensure that everything goes smoothly once we implement our solutions. We will work with you to provide training to your staff where necessary, and how to enforce the safety plan that will ensure everyone’s safety at work.

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